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Bookkeeping and Advisory Services To Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, we’ll customize a bookkeeping package to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide small businesses the knowledge and services they need to survive and thrive in business. Let us customize a package just for you. 

Tax Ready Bookkeeping

Tax Ready Bookkeeping

Looking for the essential services that will keep you up-to-date and ready for tax season?


Package Includes:

  • Software Setup
  • Categorize Transactions
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Financial Reports
  • Year End Tax Packet

Note: All of our services include separation of duties compliance

How It Helps:

Our Tax Ready package ensures that you know what’s happening with your business finances – money coming in and money going out. You’ll no longer have to worry about tax prep at the end of the year because your books will be up-to-date all year long. We’ll go over the Top 3 financial reports every business should review for financial decision making and planning. 

Advisory Bookkeeping

Take your bookkeeping to the next level with our Advisory Package.


Package includes:

  • Everything in Tax Ready, Plus
  • Receipt Management – Get rid of your shoebox 🙂
  • Review Meetings
  • Custom Reporting
  • Budgeting and Progress Tracking
  • Financial Risks
Note: All of our services include separation of duties compliance
How it Helps:

You’ll receive all of our essential services along with review meetings where we’ll walk through what’s happening in your business every single month. We’ll set up custom reports and budgeting tools to help you meet your goals and discuss any financial risks we find so you can plan and grow. 

Add On Services

Add-On Services

We can add services to any of our packages:

Bookkeeping & Advisory Services Customized to Your Needs

  • Customer Invoicing
  • Online Bill Pay – includes approval tiers
  • 1099 Services
  • Custom Reporting
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Budgeting and Progress Tracking
  • Let’s talk about your other needs!


I tried, but my books are a mess! 

You’re not alone! Many business owners have tried and realize they excel in areas other than bookkeeping or maybe they just hate doing it. Give yourself credit for trying and let us get your books back in shape! No need to stress because everything is fixable.

Busy Taking Care of Your Business?

No worries, we can catch you up and get your books back on track. Months or years behind? Bring it on! We got you!

What's the difference between Clean-Up and Catch-Up?

Clean-Up: All accounting software have specific processes that should be followed to ensure the books are accurate. It’s not uncommon for errors to be made or steps to be missed. If that’s the case, we’ll correct those errors to ensure the accuracy of your books and financial reports. 

Catch-Up: This includes getting up-to-date on coding transactions and reconciling your bank and credit accounts. We often complete catch-ups when a business already has good processes in place but have gotten behind.  

Diagnostic Cleanup

Diagnostic Clean-up

We take our clean-up package and add in advisory services to help you stay on track going forward.


Package Includes:

  • Clean-up of Transactions and Accounts
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Software/Process Training
  • Financial Analysis

Note: All of our services include separation of duties compliance

How It Helps:

If you’re a business owner dedicated to DIYing your books, this may be the package for you. We clean-up your books, show you what we found, and teach you what you need to know to manage your books going forward. We also complete an analysis of your current financial position and share any risks or suggestions that you can focus on. 

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